Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Solaris American English Unicode (en_US.UTF-8) Full Locale

Beginning with Solaris 8, all Unicode locales benefit from Asian locale's native Asian input systems and methods. To use Asian native input methods in Unicode locales, you must install the Asian locales that you want to use. For example, if you want to use Japanese input systems in Unicode locales, you must install at least one of the available Japanese locales.

This locale should be already on your system if you've installed "End User System Support" meta-cluster or added an upper meta-cluster such as "Developer System Support" or "Entire Distribution" during the installation. To find out if you have the locale, run the command

% ls /usr/lib/locale/en_US.UTF-8/
If the file is in the directory, the locale is in place. If the file is not in the directory then, add the packages below.
The packages in the two lists below can be found on the Solaris Software 1 of 2 CD in the directory .../Solaris_8/Product/:

SPARC platform

SUNWarrf SUNWeugrf SUNWi2rf SUNWi4rf SUNWi5rf SUNWi7rf SUNWi8rf SUNWi9rf SUNWi13rf SUNWi15rf SUNWtxfnt SUNW5xmft SUNWcxmft SUNWjxmft SUNWkxmft SUNWeudba SUNWeudbd SUNWeudda SUNWeudhr SUNWeudhs SUNWeudis SUNWeudiv SUNWeudlg SUNWeudmg SUNWeuezt SUNWeuluf SUNWeulux SUNWeuodf SUNWeusru SUNWeuxwe SUNWuiu8 SUNWuiu8x SUNWuium SUNWulcf SUNWulcfx SUNWulocf SUNWuxlcf SUNWuxlcx