Thursday, September 20, 2012

Solaris: modify cpu pool

# poolcfg -dc 'modify pset pset_ACC_INT_A_3 ( uint pset.min = 0 ; uint pset.max = 0)'
# poolcfg -dc 'modify pset pset_ACC_INT_A_4 ( uint pset.min = 0 ; uint pset.max = 0)'
# poolcfg -dc 'modify pset pset_ACC_INT_A_6 ( uint pset.min = 0 ; uint pset.max = 0)'

# poolcfg -dc 'transfer 2 from pset pset_ACC_INT_A_3 to pset_default'
# poolcfg -dc 'transfer 2 from pset pset_ACC_INT_A_4 to pset_default'
# poolcfg -dc 'transfer 2 from pset pset_ACC_INT_A_6 to pset_default'
# pooladm -c
# poolcfg -dc info

Change the pset number for cpupool below


# poolcfg -dc 'modify pset pset_ACC_INT_A_1 ( uint pset.min = 8 ; uint pset.max = 8)'
# poolcfg -dc 'modify pset pset_ACC_INT_A_2 ( uint pset.min = 4 ; uint pset.max = 4)'
# poolcfg -dc 'modify pset pset_ACC_INT_A_5 ( uint pset.min = 8 ; uint pset.max = 8)'
# poolcfg -dc 'transfer 4 from pset pset_default to pset_ACC_INT_A_1'
# poolcfg -dc 'transfer 2 from pset pset_default to pset_ACC_INT_A_2'
# poolcfg -dc 'transfer 6 from pset pset_default to pset_ACC_INT_A_5'

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Solaris: VCS How to update SystemList without bring down service group


I have a service group say sg1 and it has the following system list defined

SystemList = { a = 1, b = 2, c = 3 }
        AutoStartList = { a }

Currently, I am running service group in c. I want to change the system
order like this. a=3, b=2 and c=1 and autostartlist=c.

Can I do this without bringing down the service group?


haconf -makerw
hagrp -modify SystemList -update c 0 b 1 a 2
hagrp -modify AutoStartList c
haconf -dump -makero


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Solaris: check free memory

Commands to check free memory on unix servers -

(1) vmstat 1 2 | tail -1 | awk '{printf "%d%s\n", ($5*4)/1024, "MB" }'

(2) top -h -d 1

Friday, April 6, 2012

Solaris: Zone capped memory

Add a memory cap.

zonecfg:zoneA> add capped-memory
Set the memory cap.

zonecfg:zoneA:capped-memory> set physical=50m
Set the swap memory cap.

zonecfg:zoneA:capped-memory> set swap=100m
Set the locked memory cap.

zonecfg:zoneA:capped-memory> set locked=30m
End the memory cap specification.

zonecfg:zoneA:capped-memory> end

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Solaris: Find out disks CU:LDev and /dev/rdsk/

# more xpinfo.out

Device File : /dev/rdsk/c1t50060E80056F1168d0s2        Model : XP24000
       Port : CL7J                                  Serial # : 00028433
Host Target : c38c                                  Code Rev : 6006
  Array LUN : 00                                   Subsystem : 0085
    CU:LDev : 81:6c                                 CT Group : ---
       Type : OPEN-V      -SUN                     CA Volume : SMPL
       Size : 51200 MB                            BC0 (MU#0) : SMPL
       ALPA : 6d                                  BC1 (MU#1) : SMPL
    Loop Id : 43                                  BC2 (MU#2) : SMPL
    SCSI Id : ---
 RAID Level : TPVOL                               RAID Type  : ---
 RAID Group : ---                                   ACP Pair : ---
 Disk Mechs : ---     ---     ---     ---
     FC-LUN : 00006f110000816c                      Port WWN : 50060e80056f1168
HBA Node WWN: 2000001b329c0eb8                   HBA Port WWN: 2100001b329c0eb8
 Vol Group  : ---                                Vol Manager : ---
Mount Points: ---
  DMP Paths : ---
  SLPR : 0                                         CLPR : 0

Device File : /dev/rdsk/c1t50060E80056F1168d1s2        Model : XP24000
# luxadm display /dev/rdsk/c1t50060E80056F1168d0s2
DEVICE PROPERTIES for disk: /dev/rdsk/c1t50060E80056F1168d0s2
  Vendor:               HP
  Product ID:           OPEN-V      -SUN
  Revision:             6006
  Serial Num:           50 06F11816C <----CU:LDev
  Unformatted capacity: 51200.625 MBytes
  Write Cache:          Enabled
  Read Cache:           Enabled
    Minimum prefetch:   0x0
    Maximum prefetch:   0x0
  Device Type:          Disk device

    LUN path port WWN:          50060e80056f1168
    Host controller port WWN:   2100001b329c0eb8
    Path status:                O.K.
    LUN path port WWN:          50060e80056f1178
    Host controller port WWN:   2100001b329c55ab
    Path status:                O.K.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Solaris: vxvm determine which disk multipathing

cluster01# vxdisk list
DEVICE       TYPE            DISK         GROUP        STATUS
disk_0       auto:SVM        -            -            SVM
disk_1       auto:SVM        -            -            SVM
xp24k0_6bc4  auto:cdsdisk    egate_dg01   egate_dg     online thin nohotuse
xp24k0_6bc5  auto:cdsdisk    eaicore_dg01  eaicore_dg   online thin nohotuse
xp24k0_6bc6  auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online thin
xp24k0_6bc7  auto:cdsdisk    optora_dg01  optora_dg    online thin
xp24k0_6bf0  auto:cdsdisk    eaiuser1_dg01  eaiuser1_dg  online thin
xp24k0_6bfa  auto:cdsdisk    eaiuser11_dg01  eaiuser11_dg online thin
xp24k0_6bfb  auto:cdsdisk    eaiuser12_dg01  eaiuser12_dg online thin
xp24k0_6bfc  auto:cdsdisk    eaiuser13_dg01  eaiuser13_dg online thin
xp24k0_6bf1  auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online thin
xp24k0_6bf2  auto:cdsdisk    eaiuser3_dg01  eaiuser3_dg  online thin
xp24k0_6bf3  auto:cdsdisk    eaiuser4_dg01  eaiuser4_dg  online thin
xp24k0_6bf4  auto:cdsdisk    eaiuser5_dg01  eaiuser5_dg  online thin
xp24k0_6bf5  auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online thin
xp24k0_6bf6  auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online thin
xp24k0_6bf7  auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online thin
xp24k0_6bf8  auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online thin
xp24k0_6bf9  auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online thin
xp24k0_6b8b  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai2_dg01  oraeai2_dg   online thin
xp24k0_6b8c  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai1_dg01  oraeai1_dg   online thin
xp24k0_6b8d  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai2_dg02  oraeai2_dg   online thin
xp24k0_6b8e  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai1_dg02  oraeai1_dg   online thin
xp24k0_6b8f  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai2_dg03  oraeai2_dg   online thin
xp24k0_6b41  auto:none       -            -            online invalid
xp24k0_6b90  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai1_dg03  oraeai1_dg   online thin
xp24k0_6b91  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai1_dg04  oraeai1_dg   online thin
xp24k0_6b92  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai1_dg05  oraeai1_dg   online thin
xp24k0_6b93  auto:cdsdisk    mqha_dg01    mqha_dg      online thin nohotuse
xp24k0_6b94  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai2_dg04  oraeai2_dg   online thin
xp24k0_6b95  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai2_dg05  oraeai2_dg   online thin
xp24k0_6b96  auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online thin
xp24k0_6b97  auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online thin
xp24k0_6b98  auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online thin
xp24k0_6c4a  auto:cdsdisk    eaiuser4_dg02  eaiuser4_dg  online thin
xp24k0_6c4b  auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online thin
xp24k0_6c4c  auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online thin
xp24k0_6c4d  auto:cdsdisk    eaiuser11_dg02  eaiuser11_dg online thin
xp24k0_6c4e  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai1_dg06  oraeai1_dg   online thin
xp24k0_6c4f  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai2_dg06  oraeai2_dg   online thin
xp24k0_62ce  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai2_dg07  oraeai2_dg   online thin nohotuse
xp24k0_66ef  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai2_dg09  oraeai2_dg   online thin nohotuse
xp24k0_66f0  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai2_dg10  oraeai2_dg   online thin nohotuse
xp24k0_615f  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai1_dg07  oraeai1_dg   online thin
xp24k0_834b  auto:cdsdisk    seebeyondvcp2_rootdg01  seebeyondvcp2_rootdg online thin nohotuse
xp24k0_6336  auto:cdsdisk    oraeai2_dg08  oraeai2_dg   online thin
cluster011# vxdisk list xp24k0_6c4d
Device:    xp24k0_6c4d
devicetag: xp24k0_6c4d
type:      auto
hostid:    cluster01
disk:      name=eaiuser11_dg02 id=1280996984.101.cluster01
group:     name=eaiuser11_dg id=1279714356.151.cluster01
info:      format=cdsdisk,privoffset=256,pubslice=2,privslice=2
flags:     online ready private autoconfig noautoimport imported thin
pubpaths:  block=/dev/vx/dmp/xp24k0_6c4ds2 char=/dev/vx/rdmp/xp24k0_6c4ds2
guid:      {99bcadaa-a06b-11df-8fe1-0021286cbf2e}
udid:      HP%5F50%5F1320C%5F50%201320C6C4D
site:      -
version:   3.1
iosize:    min=512 (bytes) max=2048 (blocks)
public:    slice=2 offset=65792 len=83799808 disk_offset=0
private:   slice=2 offset=256 len=65536 disk_offset=0
update:    time=1325053781 seqno=0.183
ssb:       actual_seqno=0.0
headers:   0 240
configs:   count=1 len=48144
logs:      count=1 len=7296
Defined regions:
 config   priv 000048-000239[000192]: copy=01 offset=000000 enabled
 config   priv 000256-048207[047952]: copy=01 offset=000192 enabled
 log      priv 048208-055503[007296]: copy=01 offset=000000 enabled
 lockrgn  priv 055504-055647[000144]: part=00 offset=000000
Multipathing information:
numpaths:   2
c1t50060E8015320C4Dd34s2        state=enabled
c2t50060E8015320C5Dd34s2        state=enabled

cluster01# vxdmpadm getdmpnode nodename=c1t50060E8015320C4Dd34s2
xp24k0_6c4d           ENABLED   Disk         2      2     0     Disk

Other Useful cmd
cluster01# vxdmpadm getsubpaths ctlr=c1
cluster01# vxdmpadm getsubpaths dmpnodename=xp24k0_6c4d