Friday, May 30, 2008

AIX configuring emc powerpath on bootdisk

This section describes the process for converting a system with AIX
installed on internal disks to boot from storage system logical
devices. The process first transfers a copy of the complete operating
system from an internal disk to logical devices on a storage system. It
then configures PowerPath so the root volume group takes advantage
of multipathing and failover capabilities. This is the recommended
process, as it allows you to revert to the internal disks in the event of
a problem.
Before you start:
 Ensure that the AIX alt_disk_install LPP is installed on the
system. The LPP is on the AIX installation CD.
 Apply the rte and boot_images filesets.
Then follow these steps:
1. Ensure that all device connections to the storage system are
2. Ensure that all hdisks are configured properly
3. Run powermt config.
4. Use the rmdev command with the -d option to remove all
PowerPath devices, including the powerpath0 device. PowerPath
should remain installed, but all PowerPath devices must be
5. Run lsdev -Ct power. No devices should be listed in the output.
6. Determine which hdisks on the storage system will receive the
copy of the operating system.
7. Run alt_install_disk -C hdisk_list to create the copy on the
storage system hdisk(s).
8. Reboot the system.
The system should boot using the hdisks specified in the previous
9. Run powermt config.
10. Run bootlist -m normal -o to determine which hdisk is in the
11. Use powermt to determine which hdiskpower contains the hdisk
in the boot list.
12. Use the bootlist command to include all the path hdisks for the
hdiskpower found in the previous step.
13. Run pprootdev on.
14. Reboot the system.
When the system comes up, rootvg should be using hdiskpower