Tuesday, May 6, 2008

AIX physical disk administration

Physical Disk Procedures

Procedure to find disks/vpaths that are unallocated

This will show disks/vpaths and the volume group they are allocated to
#lspvgrep None
This will show pvs and whether they are asssociated with a volume group
Note: For vpaths, the hdisks will show as none, but they may be allocated to a vpath - you must grep each hdisk with the lsvpcfg

Procedure to make a new lun available to AIX

Allocate the new lun on the SAN
Run "cfgmgr"
Verify the new vpatch/hdisk by running "lsvpcfg"
There should be a new vpath and it should be available with no volume group - if not, rerun cfgmgr

Procedure to list the PVs in a volume group:

#lsvg -p