Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Solaris: move or add new sds device to server

    Look at source server /etc/lvm/ file for metadevice config setting and edit accordingly to new server then run #metainit d1000 where d1000 is the metadevice

    old server

    d457 1 1 /dev/dsk/c3t60060E8015320C000001320C00006092d0s0

    new server ( with new metadevice name )

    d1000 1 1 /dev/dsk/c3t60060E8015320C000001320C00006092d0s0

    Reference File Options

      The following file options are supported:
      When the metainit command is run with a metadevice-name as its only argument, it searches the /etc/lvm/ file to find that name and its corresponding entry. The order in which entries appear in the file is unimportant. For example, consider the following entry:

      d0 2 1 c1t0d0s0 1 c2t1d0s0
      When you run the command metainit d0, it configures metadevice d0 based on the configuration information found in file.
      Activates all metadevices defined in the file.
      metainit does not maintain the state of the volumes that would have been created when metainit is run with both the -aand -n flags. If a device d0 is created in the first line of the file, and a later line in assumes the existence ofd0, the later line fails when metainit -an runs (even if it would succeed with metainit -a).