Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Solaris: free space in Veritas diskgroups

Finding free space in Veritas diskgroups

The Veritas volume manager (VxVM) provides logical volume management capabilites across a variety of platforms. As you create new volumes, it is often helpful to know how much free space is available. You can find free space using two methods. The first method utilizes vxdg’s “free” option:
vxdg -g oradg free
GROUP        DISK         DEVICE       TAG          OFFSET    LENGTH    FLAGS
oradg        c3t20d1      c3t20d1s2    c3t20d1      104848640 1536      -
oradg        c3t20d3      c3t20d3s2    c3t20d3      104848640 1536      -
oradg        c3t20d5      c3t20d5s2    c3t20d5      104848640 1536      -
oradg        c3t20d7      c3t20d7s2    c3t20d7      104848640 1536      -
oradg        c3t20d9      c3t20d9s2    c3t20d9      104848640 1536      -
The “LENGTH” column displays the number of 512-byte blocks available on each disk drive in the disk group “oradg.”. If you don’t feel like using bc(1) to turn blocks into kilobytes, you can use vxassist’s “maxsize” option to print the number of blocks and Megabytes available:
vxassist -g oradg maxsize layout=concat
Maximum volume size: 6144 (3Mb)
Now to find out what to do with 3 MB of disk storage :)